• Folding an Origami Crane (Orizuru)

    Folding an origami crane is easy if you follow the steps exactly as illustrated. Don’t take any shortcuts, as your crane may not look as shown in Step 3. Illustrating how to fold an origami crane in the least amount of steps – yet solidly understandable – is seemingly one of the most challenging tasks […]

  • Burning Man Infographic

    The history of Burning Man has always been a complex entity that has survived, nay, mutated over the years. And because of this, it has grown rapidly since its humble beginnings of a simple gathering on a beach. The infographic poster shows only a small portion of what Burning Man is. By no means do […]

  • Common Methodologies of Monster Vanquishing

    A handy chart on dispatching rightly those bumps in the night. Common Methodologies of Monster Vanquishing Medium Specifics Adobe Illustrator 11″ x 14″

  • Romantic Relationship Chart

    Boy meets girl; simple as that, huh? Not so fast there. The loving relationships we have are a complex system of many, well, relations. Boy may meet girl, but he may also already have a wife who has a boyfriend. Relationships are confusing enough and hopefully this chart makes matters a smidge easier to understand. […]

  • Tick Identification

    I really hate wood ticks. Absolute hate them. Illustrating this from source files has certainly squicked me out. My unease is your enjoyment.