Ministructions Card Decks

Ministructions are a series of illustrated instructional guides in a compact, business card size. These handy references are the perfect helper when a book is more than necessary or a website may be inconvenient. Every card is designed showing the basics on how to complete each task. Each Ministructions deck includes about thirty cards built […]


CERT/NERT (community/neighborhood emergency response team) review cards for use by responders in the field during disasters. Covers incident command, first aid, search and rescue, damage assessment, local and neighborhood maps, and hazard reduction protocols. These┬álaminated emergency cards are your cheat sheet when you’re away from the command center.

Duck & Cover Woodblock Print

Continuing with the series of Someone Else’s Problems, I wanted to explore the hidden fears we have manifested ourselves or have been nutured through media and government warnings. Rational or not, we believe that such things are possible and are present in our daily lives regardless of how stastically improbable it really is. 8 color […]