burning man

  • Burning Man Infographic

    The history of Burning Man has always been a complex entity that has survived, nay, mutated over the years. And because of this, it has grown rapidly since its humble beginnings of a simple gathering on a beach. The infographic poster shows only a small portion of what Burning Man is. By no means do […]

  • Burning Man Black Rock Rangers Website

    The Black Rock Rangers, as a department within the Burning Man organization, require communication not only with its rank and file, but also prospective volunteers interested in becoming a Ranger. The previous site lacked in some areas, overwhelmed in others, and had strong potential to blossom into a great service. Addressing these and other concerns, […]

  • SugarCube House

    About the SugarCube House Twenty five feet tall, built and taken down in a week, all materials recycled. The SugarCube House is an art project created at the Burning Man festival, based on patent-pending new wood construction technology. It is an open-ended, wooden structure that is made of plywood and manufactured wood I-joists to be […]

  • Leaving No Trace

    In a given day, we dispose of random detritus that we no longer want. In a pristine environment, it is even more visible and important that it is dealt with in an appropriate manner. Just a quote from the Burning Man web site: “Trash is not something most of us think about. We live in […]