• Political Barometer

      Displaying the public opinion of political parties. Favorability of the Democratic and Republican parties fluctuate over time. One day either may be doing well, and the next, one may have a setback that influences how a nation perceives it. One way to measure public attitude is to use sentiment analysis to provide the means to […]

  • Plastic Monkey Illustration

    While working on another project, I picked up a package of little plastic monkeys at a thrift store. I only need four, but I ended up with one hundred. It’s terribly wasteful to dispose of monkeys, and put them on a shelf for some later use. What to do with a Plastic Monkey I recalled a […]

  • Free Library: Give a Book, Take a Book

    The little free library is a simple way to connect with a community. Providing books freely to who ever wants one – an anonymous gift – in a unique exchange. You’re uncertain who provided the original book and you’re never certain where it’ll go next. An Act of Anonymous Gifting through a Free Library Unlike […]

  • Berkeley Hysterical Plaque Project

    Berkeley is rife with historical richness. From it’s earliest beginnings as one of the gateways into the East Bay, it has been a home to people who approach life uniquely. To fully understand how this city has achieved it just notoriety, one only needs to look back into the past. Walking along the streets and […]

  • Repost.Us Website and Collateral

    Repost.Us makes content portable and accessible. Repost.Us is a content distribution and discovery platform that makes it easy to republish content anywhere on the web. It transforms content into smart objects that automatically reformat to match any site, platform, or device; content works just like embedding a video. Founded in 2011, Repost.Us is the first […]

  • Ministructions Card Decks

    Ministructions are a series of illustrated instructional guides in a compact, business card size. These handy references are the perfect helper when a book is more than necessary or a website may be inconvenient. Every card is designed showing the basics on how to complete each task. Each Ministructions deck includes about thirty cards built […]

  • Ambient Weather Beacon

    An Arduino-based, ambient weather forecast device. With the increasing ubiquity of daily data, let’s reduce some of the sensory clutter into meaningful information. Using the principles of ambient display, the Ambient Weather Beacon is a visually unobtrusive, localized weather station displaying tomorrow’s weather forecast. For many, the details of tomorrow’s forecast (dew point, wind direction, […]

  • Curate.Us Website

    The Curate.Us website allows you to make both visual clips and formatted quotes from web content that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, email, or web sites. Clips are screenshots that link back to the original source. Quotes made with Curate.Us extract relevant passages from any web content, format them, and also link […]

  • Repost.Us WordPress Notebooks

    Designed for a small startup (repost.us) with big ideas and who wanted to produce a piece of schwag that was not only a soft sell of their services, but also highly informative. The piece was produced with a WordPress conference in mind (WordCamp), which was handed out to attendees. It was important to not only […]

  • wthr.im Weather Forecast Website

    Current weather forecast sites provide far too much information than what people typically want (dew point? barometric pressure? METAR?!). I wanted a simpler way to get my forecast. wthr.im gives you what’s important: temperature, current conditions, and the day’s high/low temperatures. By reducing the elements of what most people are interested in, I’ve created wthr.im What’s unique […]