wood block print

  • Duck & Cover Woodblock Print

    Continuing with the series of Someone Else’s Problems, I wanted to explore the hidden fears we have manifested ourselves or have been nutured through media and government warnings. Rational or not, we believe that such things are possible and are present in our daily lives regardless of how stastically improbable it really is. 8 color […]

  • Show & Tell Woodblock Print

    It didn’t start with Columbine, and it will continue to stir controversy each time it occurs. This furthers the woodblock print series on Someone Else’s Problem in regards to fear. I don’t feel that this is the strongest of the series in regards to final presentation. There is something a bit lacking and I’m unsure […]

  • Saints & Sinner Woodblock Print

    The world around us is filled with many things that we can not observe. People have their personal thoughts, unknown activities happen behind closed doors, contents of boxes remain undiscovered. The author Douglas Adams once wrote about this: SEPs, otherwise known as “someone else’s problems.” You can’t observe them directly; you really need to take […]

  • Blind Patriotism Woodblock Print

    Something has always bothered me: folks who don’t think. It’s easy enough to follow the crowd and support what ever cause seems good, but it takes a strong person to think for themselves and come to support their own position. I may not agree with your stance, and I’ll respect you more for your convictions […]