• Folding an Origami Crane (Orizuru)

    Folding an origami crane is easy if you follow the steps exactly as illustrated. Don’t take any shortcuts, as your crane may not look as shown in Step 3. Illustrating how to fold an origami crane in the least amount of steps – yet solidly understandable – is seemingly one of the most challenging tasks […]

  • Face Illustration

    About the Face Illustration I believe I may be getting the hang of illustration. This is a bit of a departure from my recent technical drawings, yet the style is still present. Medium Specifics Adobe Illustrator

  • Sock Monkey Illustration

    Design inspired by, I kid you not, a Kurosawa film. Sock Monkey Illustration Medium Specifics Created in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Tick Identification

    I really hate wood ticks. Absolute hate them. Illustrating this from source files has certainly squicked me out. My unease is your enjoyment.