• Yup-Yup Jacket

    Inspired by a couple of aliens on the Muppets on Sesame Street. Maybe you recall them: “Telephone?” “Brrrriiiiiiiiiiing. Briiiiiiiiiiiiing. Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup.” It’s over ten yards of cuddly fleece. Ten very warm yards of cuddly fleece. fleece fabric

  • Suction Cup Jacket

    This jacket sucks! Honestly, it really does due to the 1,000 suction cups attached to it. Is there a purpose? Aww, heck no! Look, it’s 1,000 suction cups attached to a jacket. Do you need more reason than that? You can pretend you are a super hero of some sort: SuctionLad or MultitudeOfVacuumPointsGirl. Okay, it […]

  • Stuffed Animal Pants

    Avert your eyes if you collect Beanie Babies. I’ve attached over 150 of the suckers to a pair a pants. Very cushy and stupidly heavy. I get assualted by youngin’s and those pretending to be young. Thousands of dollars of someone’s previous collection turned into silly art. black pants and stuffed animals