• California HIV/AIDS Research Program Website

    The CHRP website is a grant giving University of California organizational site for applicants to apply for grants and for grantees to manage their existing grants. Responsible for design, layout, construction, usability testing, maintenance. website:

  • Choice HIV Website

    Directly from the site, “The ChoiceHIV website provides easily accessible information to assist prevention providers in planning education and prevention activities based on science.” The site provides a state-wide consolidation of workshops, media, and training for various HIV/AIDS agencies in all qualifying counties of California. Each urban, rural, or suburban area has its own unique […]

  • California HIV/AIDS Research Program Brochure

    Informational brochure aimed to educate a general Californian audience in addition to a worldwide awareness of the role, responsiblity, and history of the program.

  • AIDS Partnership California Brochure

    A marketing tool to illustrate the importance of collaboration for AIDS/HIV research. Created and produce by the California AIDS/HIV Research Program to collaborate with other similar entities.