Quick Fox, Lazy Dog Pangram Logo

Quick Fox, Lazy Dog logo

Quick Fox, Lazy Dog pangram logo

Sometimes design inspiration hits you from the most benign of source materials. When a good idea strikes your creativity, make good use of it.

Designers and artists produce a number of items that are never used for clients or final projects. Many projects are simply produced to put forth a good idea from mind’s eye into reality. Quite often there is no reason; it is what it is. This is one such project — developed without restriction or deadlines — purely for personal desires.

The logo utilizes a commonly known pangram (a sentence that utilizes all characters in the alphabet at least once) that most remember when when they learned how to type:

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Quick Fox, Lazy Dog Pangram Logo Medium Specifics

Created in Adobe Illustrator

Quick Fox Ear Close-up
Quick Fox Ear Close-up
Quick Fox Initial Sketches
Quick Fox Initial Sketches

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  1. now this sir, is a patch design I would wear

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