Folding an Origami Crane (Orizuru)

Folding an Origami Crane

Folding an Origami Crane

Folding an origami crane is easy if you follow the steps exactly as illustrated. Don’t take any shortcuts, as your crane may not look as shown in Step 3.

Illustrating how to fold an origami crane in the least amount of steps – yet solidly understandable – is seemingly one of the most challenging tasks of infographics.

Originally intended to fit the instructions on a business card sized format, I realized that to clearly illustrate the necessary steps required either a larger format (defeating the purpose of being compact) or densely pack the information (making it unreadable and useless). Neither of those options were ideal for my needs. This is the result of that conclusion. You may find many several extensive guides on folding elsewhere; I think you’ll find my improper method far more accurate for origami novices. Enjoy!

Folding an Origami Crane Medium Specifics

Adobe Illustrator

Origami Crane Illustration Process

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