Curate.Us Website

The Curate.Us website allows you to make both visual clips and formatted quotes from web content that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, email, or web sites. Clips are screenshots that link back to the original source. Quotes made with Curate.Us extract relevant passages from any web content, format them, and also link back to the original source.

Curate.Us Edit PageClicking on a clip will bring the user back to the original source of the clip. The clip will show the format and content of the site or page at the time the clip was created. If the site or page clipped is no longer available, the clip will be a permanent record of that content.

Involved Role (client: Free Range Content, Inc.)

  • Frontend development
  • WordPress theme construction
  • Logo and graphics creation
  • UI generation

Curate.Us Website Medium Specifics

Custom WordPress theme (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript)

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