Repost.Us Website and Collateral

Repost.Us makes content portable and accessible. Repost.Us is a content distribution and discovery platform that makes it easy to republish content anywhere on the web. It transforms content into smart objects that automatically reformat to match any site, platform, or device; content works just like embedding a video. Founded in 2011, Repost.Us is the first […]

Ambient Weather Beacon

An Arduino-based, ambient weather forecast device. With the increasing ubiquity of daily data, let’s reduce some of the sensory clutter into meaningful information. Using the principles of ambient display, the Ambient Weather Beacon is a visually unobtrusive, localized weather station displaying tomorrow’s weather forecast. For many, the details of tomorrow’s forecast (dew point, wind direction, […]

Curate.Us Website

The Curate.Us website allows you to make both visual clips and formatted quotes from web content that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, email, or web sites. Clips are screenshots that link back to the original source. Quotes made with Curate.Us extract relevant passages from any web content, format them, and also link […] Weather Forecast Website

Current weather forecast sites provide far too much information than what people typically want (dew point? barometric pressure? METAR?!). I wanted a simpler way to get my forecast. gives you what’s important: temperature, current conditions, and the day’s high/low temperatures. By reducing the elements of what most people are interested in, I’ve created What’s unique […]

Ministructions Cards Website

Ministructions are a series of illustrated instructional guides in a compact, business card size. These handy references or cheat sheets that come in tailored decks on various subjects. The WordPress site allows for the display of new cards, the promotion of decks, and a centralized method for product sales. Involved Role Frontend development WordPress theme construction […]

Burning Man Black Rock Rangers Website

The Black Rock Rangers, as a department within the Burning Man organization, require communication not only with its rank and file, but also prospective volunteers interested in becoming a Ranger. The previous site lacked in some areas, overwhelmed in others, and had strong potential to blossom into a great service. Addressing these and other concerns, […]

Choice HIV Website

Directly from the site, “The ChoiceHIV website provides easily accessible information to assist prevention providers in planning education and prevention activities based on science.” The site provides a state-wide consolidation of workshops, media, and training for various HIV/AIDS agencies in all qualifying counties of California. Each urban, rural, or suburban area has its own unique […]

AVAVA Systems Website

The AVAVA system is an innvovative “green” construction method that is radically different to current building methods. The site educates the seasoned contractor and those who have never touched a hammer. Responsible for design, layout, images, logo, updating, and maintenance. website: (note: site has been redesigned)