Duck & Cover Woodblock Print

Continuing with the series of Someone Else’s Problems, I wanted to explore the hidden fears we have manifested ourselves or have been nutured through media and government warnings. Rational or not, we believe that such things are possible and are present in our daily lives regardless of how stastically improbable it really is. 8 color […]

Saints & Sinner Woodblock Print

The world around us is filled with many things that we can not observe. People have their personal thoughts, unknown activities happen behind closed doors, contents of boxes remain undiscovered. The author Douglas Adams once wrote about this: SEPs, otherwise known as “someone else’s problems.” You can’t observe them directly; you really need to take […]

Urban Fireflies

Having come from the Midwest, where fireflies are a summer treat, I greatly missed them when I moved to California. I wanted to capture the idea of having fireflies in a Mason jar, but without all the needless insect death. The jar contains the circuit, lights, and a solar cell to recharge the batteries. A […]

SugarCube House

About the SugarCube House Twenty five feet tall, built and taken down in a week, all materials recycled. The SugarCube House is an art project created at the Burning Man festival, based on patent-pending new wood construction technology. It is an open-ended, wooden structure that is made of plywood and manufactured wood I-joists to be […]