Political Barometer

  Displaying the public opinion of political parties. Favorability of the Democratic and Republican parties fluctuate over time. One day either may be doing well, and the next, one may have a setback that influences how a nation perceives it. One way to measure public attitude is to use sentiment analysis to provide the means to […]

Plastic Monkey Illustration

While working on another project, I picked up a package of little plastic monkeys at a thrift store. I only need four, but I ended up with one hundred. It’s terribly wasteful to dispose of monkeys, and put them on a shelf for some later use. What to do with a Plastic Monkey I recalled a […]

Free Library: Give a Book, Take a Book

The little free library is a simple way to connect with a community. Providing books freely to who ever wants one – an anonymous gift – in a unique exchange. You’re uncertain who provided the original book and you’re never certain where it’ll go next. An Act of Anonymous Gifting through a Free Library Unlike […]

Ambient Weather Beacon

An Arduino-based, ambient weather forecast device. With the increasing ubiquity of daily data, let’s reduce some of the sensory clutter into meaningful information. Using the principles of ambient display, the Ambient Weather Beacon is a visually unobtrusive, localized weather station displaying tomorrow’s weather forecast. For many, the details of tomorrow’s forecast (dew point, wind direction, […]

Memory Bracelets

About the Memory Bracelets It’s the little things that trigger our memories. In this example, the memories are always with you worn on your wrist. This may be beach sand from a honeymoon, water from a lake that you grew up near, or a beloved’s ashes. Medium Specifics Magnets Vinyl tubing Brass casing Various media […]