Berkeley Hysterical Plaque Project

Details of historical plaque

Historical plaque in place

Berkeley is rife with historical richness. From it’s earliest beginnings as one of the gateways into the East Bay, it has been a home to people who approach life uniquely. To fully understand how this city has achieved it just notoriety, one only needs to look back into the past.

Walking along the streets and pathways of this fair city, you may notice historical plaques festooned onto buildings. This is the Berkeley historical plaque program honoring the sites of interesting events, locations, and people of the area.

Not every domicile or scrap of land can have such mightiness about it. Most places are fairly mundane. Sometimes a dirt lot is just a dirt lot. The extent of any excitement that has occurred at a house my be summed up by that of the quickened pace of a scraped knee. History is boring for some, but the lack of history is dreadfully dull.

We did’t have none of that high falutin’ airs about our house. I don’t expect the city to stop by, issuing us a historical plaque for non-historical purposes. So I fixed that egregious oversight: I made my own plaque.



No pivotal battles that changed the course of history were fought here. Nary a famous person was ever born or raised, lived, slept, dined, or even gave a glancing look at this place. This location did not provide a monumental role in the development of the great city of Berkeley. It would come as a considerable surprise if the building you see before you was used for anything beyond being an ordinary home.

The house isn’t even terribly old.

On this site, nothing of any great significance to be noteworthy of a historical record ever transpired.

Berkeley Hysterical Plaque Project

Details of historical plaque

A wrong has been righted and history carries on.

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